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Workshops and Events

We offer a variety of fun and educational events all around the topic of BREAD . Class sizes and events are kept small for engaged and focused learning in a relaxed atmosphere.
E-mail us to reserve a seat for a scheduled workshop or to inquire about specific dates for groups:

​Location: Most classes take place in Killingworth, CT in our home kitchen or outdoor terrace.


Introduction to  Sourdough Bread Baking 

Cost: $115.00/participant

September 24th , 2pm to 5pm

October 29th, 1pm to 4pm  

December 3rd, 1pm to 4pm
All dates are currently fully booked. Please email me to be added to the waiting list


This hands-on workshop will teach you how to make a delicious sourdough wheat country loaf. We will walk you through the process from creating your sourdough starter to the right mixing to bulk fermentation, shaping of your dough, and baking in your oven. You will learn about the benefits of baking with sourdough and how to maintain a sourdough starter. You will make one sourdough bread,  ferment it, and take it home for baking the next day. All baking utensils and ingredients will be supplied, including a sample of our wheat sourdough starter so you can continue baking at your leisure.


Baking Sourdough Bread with Rye Flour
A low gluten alternative to 100% wheat bread  

Cost: $140.00 /participant
Group Size: 4-6
October 15th, 1pm to 5 pm

November 5th, 1pm to 5 pm

In this class we cover the fundamentals of baking traditional European sourdough rye and mixed-flour breads. Rye flour is naturally low in gluten and therefore well suited for those who suffer from gluten sensitivity. However, the low gluten content requires very different techniques as compared to wheat flour breads. We will discuss various recipes and you will taste samples of our artisan rye breads. You will bake two types of breads in class and make one mixed flour bread dough to take home to bake the next day. All baking utensils and ingredients will be supplied, including a sample of our rye sourdough starter.


Shaping and Baking of Bavarian Pretzels

Cost: $115 / participant

Group Size: 4-6

October 1st 2023, 2pm - 5pm (fully booked )

October 8th 2023, 2pm - 5pm (seats available- register below)

Learn the secrets to making Bavarian pretzels from scratch using a sourdough starter. You will become skilled in forming the traditional pretzel shape as well as soft pretzel rolls and sticks. All of these are sure to become family favorites. We will teach you how to use lye (and alternatively baking soda) to achieve the typical flavor and color of pretzels. At the end of the class, we will taste some warm pretzels with customary German accompaniments. You will leave the workshop with our recipe, the knowledge of how to recreate it at home, and all the pretzels you made in class.


German Holiday Classics

Cost $130 / Participant
Group Size 4-6

New dates will be scheduled soon

We will introduce you to some of Germany’s most famous cookie recipes passed down from generations. In this hands-on workshop you will be rolling dough, shaping dough, decorating, and baking cookies of various types. At the end of the workshop, you will take home a basket of your freshly baked cookies to share with friends and family and you will be equipped with all the recipes to bake some more at home.


The Ancient Art of Bread Baking

Cost: $150/participant

Duration: 4 hours

Group size: 6 - 8 participants

Postponed to 2024

We are

This class will transport you back in time as you learn all about ancient bread baking. We will bake flatbreads, rustic artisan bread, and pumpernickel – all in a traditional wood-fired cob oven. Participants will learn about the evolution of bread culture from the Agricultural Revolution over 12,000 years ago to the present day. They will also get to work with the traditional cob oven, load bread, taste samples, and go home with a live sourdough culture and samples of the bread we bake together.

Cancellation Policy

A deposit of $50.00 is due when registering for a class.  If you need to cancel a course, the deposit will be refunded if cancellation is made at least seven days or more in advance. If you need to cancel within seven days prior to class we offer a refund if your slot can be filled by someone else.

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