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Our Artisan Home Bakery

BROT is the German word for BREAD.

Our breads are inspired by traditional European sourdough cultures mixed with new ideas from bread artisans around the world. We use organic, stone-ground flour and natural sourdough starter for a flavorful, healthy and longer-lasting bread. Hand-crafted to order, baked in our home kitchen, our breads provide a glimpse into the next level of bread baking. 

Our bakery is a CT licensed Cottage Food Operation located in Killingworth, CT. We offer curb side pick-up and bake orders on demand Saturdays and Sundays.

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Our Workshops and Events

From the creation of a sourdough starter to baking techniques of various types of breads, the history of ancient grains and the art of bread decorating, we offer diverse workshops in our home setting. 

Come and learn with fellow baking enthusiasts! All of our classes are inspiring and may be used to advance individual skills or for team building.


Our Bread Assortment

All of our baked goods are made from 100% sourdough with at least two phases of long-fermentation. 
Join us for one of our wood-fired bake events on selective weekends to try our bread.
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Country Loaves 

Lofty breads with an open crumb and delicious crust. We bake them using organic stone-ground wheat and whole-wheat flour. A perfect bread for any dinner.


Hearty Rye Breads

A variety of rye and mixed flour breads, flavorful and healthy using organic dark and light rye flours and kernels.


Enriched Dough Breads

Sandwich Loaves, Challah, Brioche Breads or Buns are made from enriched dough including additional ingredients such as eggs, butter and milk. Offering varies based on season.


Bavarian Pretzels

Authentic Bavarian Pretzels with a soft belly, crunchy arms, and a distinct lye flavour. They have become a favorite among our customer base. We usually bake them in our wood-fired oven on special bake events. For large custom orders (30 pieces or more) please contact us.


Our Flour

The majority of our flour is organic and stone-ground from a family-owned small mill in Illinois.


About Us

We grew up in Germany where fresh sourdough bread is a daily staple. Driven by our heritage and the lack of a healthy sourdough bread assortment in local US stores, we started to bake bread ourselves.
We are bread enthusiasts, constantly experimenting with new recipes and trying to perfect old ones. We are connected with and inspired by influential artisan bread bakers from the old and new world - from San Francisco to Copenhagen to Munich. Baking is our passion both in our home kitchens and outdoor in wood-fired cob ovens.

We founded BROTworkshop to bring our love for good bread to you and the community.

Stefanie & Angie

Passionate Bread Bakers

Contact Us

182 Reservoir Road, Killingworth, CT 06419

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